The Chess Game of Life

I have always played chess with my uncle back when I was small. I remember each move took my uncle quite a while. He carefully planned each action, pondering every possible counters, maneuvers, attacks, and then triple-checked to see if he forgot any possible or desirable move. That is why it’s so difficult to win him.

He thinks like he plays: precise, observant, deliberate and careful. It has taken me a while to understand him and his playing style. In fact, it’s taken me a while to understand myself and my own moves. Not everything in life can be seen as easily as in chess. Not all moves are as foreseeable; not all decisions are as defined.

Sometimes we make bad decisions; bad choices, in life. The challenges we are facing, and the decisions we have to make in life, are extremely tough. Bullying, academic stress, communication with parents, dating drama, peer pressure, addictions … The list is endless. I would say, without doubt, that this is the toughest time for us than any other time in history.

As the old saying goes, “Experience is a harder teacher because she gives the tests first, the lesson afterward.” There are always a lot of ups and downs in life. They are important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG, means we are not alive.


As I look back on the chess games I’ve played with my uncle, I wonder if he knows how much he has really taught me. The patience is learnt; my learning is improved; my concentration and memory is developed; the mental clarity for solving problems and formulating tactics is developed; that relentless attitude pays off in the end.


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